• summer 2017...

    summer 2017...

    ...was spent working as a dog and cat groomer, getting ready for seminary, lighting LeapFest for the second year, directing a staged reading (soon to have a second iteration!) and discovering venues such as hairpin arts (pictured)

  • easter season

    caring deeply for someone with chronic mental illness

    means writing the phone numbers of inpatient wings

    on the back of dunkin' donuts receipts

    in a blue marker, with the feeling of a tightrope walker,

    and visiting hours hastily scribbled in.

  • #34: questioning

    fearful faith.

    flipping tables.

    shaky promises.

    stone to flesh.

    burning palm fronds.


    #35: live

    #36: fire

    #37: land

    #38: terror

    #39: peace

    #40: prophet

    #41: justice

    #42: judgement

  • #33: bones

    this is the first time i've heard the valley of bones reading.

    questions we were asked in the sermon:

    what does god need your breath for?

    and, finish the sentence: "but i know that even now god will ___"

  • #32: arrest

    i want to do work that carries me closer to Your heart.

  • #30: calf

    i read the verses for this prompt, exodus 32:7-14.

    call us closer to you and away from false idols.

    remind us of your forgiveness and all-encompassing love.

  • #29: compassion

    attempting to practice compassion towards myself when things take longer than i feel they 'should'.

  • #28: river






  • #27: wonders

    (i can't help but gush and be grateful for new relationalities in my life)