captain of the bible quiz team

This performance was held at LSTC's Augustana Chapel on February 21st, 2018. "Captain of the Bible Quiz Team is a solo show by Tom Jacobson that follows a first-call pastor to their home congregation in the midst of the 2009 ELCA decision on LGBTQIA+ clergy. Addressing familial tension and what makes and breaks community, the script provokes us to question what structures we value.

"I could have kept on simply caretaking, but I...cared too much. And I've fallen in love."

Actor: Landon Welsh
Director: Reed Fowler
Tech: Evan Mayhew
Author: Tom Jacobson

Special Thanks To: Mark Swanson, the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, LSTC Chapel staff, Thesis 96, Tom Jacobson, and Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries.